Be A Teacher Scholarship Training Digital Literacy Project C Summer Camp Shining Star Special Day Feel Employable Destroy Unemployment Scholarship Scheme Blood Support Clean Our School Career Guidance Wall painting Vision 2020 Alumni Meet Proud to be Indian Annual Day Graduation Ceremony Little Wish Exam Support Fun Games Student Parliament I'm Abled Train The Trainer Be The Change Art and Craft Volunteer Meet Tribal School Connect Library Set-up Smart Classroom
× Be A Teacher Scholarship Training Digital Literacy Project C Summer Camp Shining Star Special Day Feel Employable Destroy Unemployment Scholarship Scheme Blood Support Clean Our School Career Guidance Wall painting Vision 2020 Alumni Meet Proud to be Indian Annual Day Graduation Ceremony Little Wish Exam Support Fun Games Student Parliament I'm Abled Train The Trainer Be The Change Art and Craft Volunteer Meet Tribal School Connect Library Set-up Smart Classroom


Be A Teacher

We take English classes (verbal/spoken) for the students in Government Schools and Homes in Coimbatore and Tirupur Districts to make them write, read, understand and communicate using English as language.

Be a teacher


Scholarship Exam Training

We provide training for NMMS which is National Government exam for 8th students in which Scholarships are provided to the students till they finish their schooling if they cleared the exam. Our Volunteers with their expertise conduct training for this exam to the students of Government and Tribal schools in and around Coimbatore.


Digital Literacy

We teach basic Computer Science and digital literacy sessions in Government and Tribal Schools, Coimbatore. They touch various areas in digital field starts from using computers, creating emails, using MS office, Accessing Mobile Apps etc.

Digital Litracy


Project C

We teach Computer Science syllabus to 12th students of Government schools , Coimbatore where the school does not have an full time Computer Science staff. We have started this activity with 12 schools in the year 2013. We assured 100% pass percentage in computer subject in committed schools.


Summer Camp

We have been conducting Summer Camp in Govt Schools and Homes supported by us in and around Coimbatore. Various training like Yoga, Karate, Glider Making, Arts and Crafts, Music and out station visits like Museum, science and botanical park visits are organized for the benefit of the supported institutions.

Be a teacher


Shining Star and TalHunt

Shining Star and TalHunt are the mega talent hunt events conducted by reputed IT CSR for Home (Orphanage) and school children in and around Coimbatore respectively. AIM train the students from supported Homes and Schools and make them win more prizes through the training from our dedicated volunteer team. ATR Talhunt is an another mega event conducted by same CSR for Tribal students.


Special Day Celebration

We always celebrate the special days to create awareness and understand the importance dof the day through various sessions and competitions (Listed few - New Year, Republic Day, Science Day, Women's Day, Independence Day, Teacher's Day, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's Birthday, Children's Day, Volunteers Day)

Be a teacher
Feel Employable


Feel Employable

Feel Employable Program is initiated with the motto of uplifting the youths with required skills (Communication, Aptitude and Technical) for employment so that they can feel employable once they come out of their academic life. Currently it is happening in two colleges in Coimbatore from 2016 and 7 students got placements so far.

Destroy Unemployment

We work with local skill development body to provide required trainings on basic skills to destroy the unemployment for unemployed/discontinued youths


Scholarship Scheme

We are providing the scholarships to deserved students who are referred by our volunteers and validated by our volunteers. More than 50+ students around Tamil Nadu benefited through this scheme. We also refer students to our fellow NGOs like NYSA, WWT, Sai Anugragha, Wings and Deeksha.


Blood Support

We have dedicated team which is working for 24*7 to validate and address the blood request posted in our group since 2011. They work with requester and donors till the closure in order to provide enough units right time. Close to 300 units were arranged till last year. We run campaigns often to collect donor details and promote blood donation

Clean School


Clean Our School

We clean the school campus and outside area along with students and make them aware of keeping our premises clean. Also we provide dust bin to each class rooms in our supported institutes to maintain the cleanliness.


Career Guidance

We conduct career guidance during the beginning and end of every academic year for 10th and 12th students in our supported institutes to help the students understand the available career options for choosing the right career. This also will be conducted in common places to give benefits to students from different areas.

Be a teacher
wall painting


Wall painting

Various awareness paintings were drawn in school walls during their holiday time preferably summer to surprise the students with color and also to create awareness on on-going issues like child abuse, save water, etc.


Vision 2020

It was celebrated with the motto of taking Kalam's Vision 2020 thoughts to young generation of India. Various competitions like speech, drawing conducted on Vision 2020 and helped students to understand the theme.

vision 2020

Alumni Meet

AIM believe activities will be not sustained if you don't involve local people. Also we trust volunteering and habit of giving back should be promoted in all levels of the society. Hence we initiated Alumni meet in our supported institutes where the passed out students will attend our session and gain knowledge and share it with the students of that institute.


Proud to be Indian

This event is conducted with the motto of building patriotism and expressing it using the various skills available with students.

Be a teacher


Annual Day

We celebrate the annual day for the schools which never had celebrated this day in the past. We conduct all events and provide gifts with the concept of “No student should left be without gift”.


Graduation Ceremony

This is really a heart-touching event that we do. We print “Certificate of completion” for the students who complete the schooling in respective schools (ex: for 5th students in primary and 8th students in Middle) and honour them in presence of their parents with the graduation gown and cap by listing their aim, interest, percentage in academics and moral values. Tribal Graduation Day conducted for 6 schools in Nilgris district was another huge hit this year.

Be a teacher
Little Gifts


Little Wish Gifts

This is an another heart touching initiative. We prepare the wish list and collect little wishes from home students during the month of Nov and Dec. Share the finalized list with volunteers and get the gifts and share it with students in the month of Jan. students will be surprised by seeing their little wishes are fulfilled.


Exam Support

We provide exam support to students on needed basis without impacting their regular academic in order to establish good pass percentage.


Fun Games

Fun games will be conducted in regular intervals to students, staffs, teachers and old age people to make them feel relaxed from their academic/routine pressure.


Student Parliament

Student leaders will be selected from each section by their members and they will be sent to parliament with list of issues. We will have ministers in all category to hear and address their issues in presence of our volunteers. Valid issues will be taken institute management for further notice. This is enriching the management and problem solving skills among the students.

Be a teacher


I'm Abled

We conduct various competitions for the differently abled students and encourage them with useful gifts/things. Also regular sessions are happening with the support of like-minded volunteers.


Train The Trainer

We strongly believe our volunteers should be skilled and updated with latest happening as they come from different work/study background. We conduct regular train the trainer session to enable them to take sessions easily and effectively.

Be a teacher

Be The Change

We often try to break the difference evolved in education and systems. We have distributed the ID cards to government school students and encourage them to wear it with properly pressed uniform to make them feel equivalent with other board students in appearance.


Art and Craft Club

This club promotes arts from waste (paper bag making) and bringing more creating arts and crafts works (oil painting, glass painting, Origami and Tangram etc.,) from the students. We prepare calendars every year from the outcomes and distribute to volunteers for the benefits the students who made it.

Be a teacher


Volunteer Meet

We meet our volunteer monthly, quarterly and yearly to share the updates and understand the actual happenings in our beneficiaries site. Necessary actions will be taken based on outcome. Unlike other meets, we invite guests from different service areas for knowledge sharing session and provide insight of various options available in social service and enable skill/interest based volunteering.


Tribal School Connect

We extend our support to tribal schools in Nilgris district and provide necessary items through our fellow NGO - Thurigai trust for their cultural, sports and annual day events.



Library Set-up

We trust Book reading habits will bring wonders in our life. We started “karka Kasadara” initiative to provide opportunity for students to use the local library by pay library card membership and ensured students take books and read on frequent interval. We plan to set-up the library where this option is not possible. We are planning to set-up “Dr Abdul Kalam Memorial Library” at Avalanche for the welfare of Thodas with the support of Wardroad team & Thurigai trust.


Smart Classroom partnership with eVidyaloka team

eVidyaloka team is doing great job by taking the regular academic classes through skype in rural schools all over India. We are a partner to them to run this smart class room program in PUMS, Eachanary. We allocated a smart classroom attender for the school and connecting the team & school students.

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