AIM REED Trust (AIM Rural Education Economic Development Trust) is a registered non-profit organization that work towards the development of children education and improvement of economic values in rural and needed sectors in the society.

“To be a sample non-profit organization that enables the under-privileged sections of the society to get quality education through which it brings change in social and economic elements.”


To work towards fulfilling the education needs of the under-privileged sections of the society.
To provide financial and volunteering support to beneficiaries for improving the quality of education.
To design and implement the programs aimed at quality improvements in education and economy.
To promote volunteers/volunteerism and partner with like-minded NGOs, educational institutions and other similar bodies for achieving the vision.


Here's the cool think about Volunteering

According to a survey, 96% of volunteers believe that volunteering makes people happier in their lives. This is backed with further research that shows that volunteers answer questions more positively if they have been taking part in regular volunteering activities. This could be anything from helping to fundraise for their favourite charity, to travelling across the world to work in a underprivileged community!